A selection of published articles, written during Publish in a Day workshops in 2023:


"People not Places" – Aman Chopra

"She just like me fr" – Andrew Bertodatti

"Let's Practice Together" – Christian Simamora

"The Blitz Blues" – Danny Oak

"The War on Chickens" – Dayton Shaw

"Construction Seduction" – Derek Wong

"A 6-year 'Coming to America' Saga" – Gautam Deviah

"Good Health as an Outcome, Not a Goal - Part 1" – Jonny Bates

"Balancing Ambition and Fatherhood" – Kevin McHugh

"Self Advocacy 101" – Kristin Yoshida

"A Jazz Approach to Creating Impact At Work" – Kristina Damschen Spina

"Why getting surgeries was the best time of my life" – Madhu Sriram

"Beyond Career Monogamy" – Miche Priest

"Why a 5 day, 40 hour game is worth watching and what does its future look like?" – Nikhil Chacko

"I gave a 1000-person conference talk and I didn't die" – Priya Rose

"Humans only act out of their self-interests" – Rohan Gayen

"Memories: WAV vs MP3" – Saurabh Bhandari